Yom Teruah (Trumpets): The Day That No Man Knows

No man knoweth the day or hour … but we DO know that it will be one of two days on which the new moon first appears to herald the Feast of Trumpets — the “Day that no man knows”.

Some say this is a once-in-human-history astronomical alignment. Professor Christopher M. Graney counters it has occurred four times in the past one thousand years.

What we need is someone to do a astronomical observation of not just Revelation 12:1-2 but combined with verses 6-12 also. As many have rightly said, “where is the dragon?”.

The Heavens Declare has, with a slightly different slant, done just that. There are also YouTube videos that have attempted it, but unsatisfactorily to my mind.

At God in a Nutshell, they claim that:

It turns out that there’s something hiding in Virgo, which is being censored by Skymap, partially censored by Google Sky, but perhaps unintentionally left buried (and uncensored) in an old nasa.gov archive.

I don’t know about that. It’s one thing to be able to discern the sky and the mazzaroth (astronomical constellations); it’s entirely something else to start seeing the sketched face of a dragon with gnarly teeth on Infrared Astronomical Satellite.

What I do know is that the “Day that No Man Knows” is obviously another Messianic veiled reference to his return,rather than the long-held view of a prohibition against date setting.

Time for children of the light to act accordingly and overcome the darkness of this world. That means you.


Featured Image: Our day in the light of prophecy and providence (1921), Spicer, William Ambrose [Wikimedia Commons]

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