New Heaven and New Earth

By all accounts, both secular and sacred, mankind is moving into a new age of consciousness — a new way of understanding and relating to the world around him.

The nature of an enchanted globe, the inherent symbolism in natural signs and their pointing to preternatural events, is being renewed in our sentient existence.

We are returning to an Edenic-like relationship between man — seemingly ostracised for 6000 years — and the natural world. We are becoming as if gods of sorts, pluripotent and reaching that potential.

Two thousand years ago, one came bearing the likeness of God, as a forerunner and role-model. Now, by his example and through the nexus that he forged between heaven and earth, God and man, the primordial sanctuary afforded Adam before the fall is destined once more to come to man.

Man is at the threshold of catapulting into a new age of spiritual awareness; indeed, has crossed the threshold and the rapid changes that it promises have already begun.

New insights, new paradigms, greater efficiencies, improved relating, mean that man and his dominion will ultimately settle into a new harmonious experience and existence of greater potential and greater transparency.

Standards of living will improve as people, paradoxically, become more in tune, and more congenial, toward natural living.

We will live more like animals, in the natural sense, yet more civilised, in the way we relate to each other. There will be far less tolerance for hostile, violent, aggressions against man and beast in all parts of the globe as man recalls his primordial animal roots and recalibrates his mode of action.

There will reign a thousand years of peace on earth, free from all malice and blood spilling.

This will mark the current or forthcoming Age of Aquarius, coincidental with the Millennial Reign. Heaven, earth, man, and beast, will live in a new-found harmony for one thousand years.

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