Mis-institutions: Totalitarian is the system that justifies and caters to the spectacle of modern-day histrionics

On the surface of it, we live at a time of unprecedented opportunity and living standards for many. But under the surface shine, the machinations of a totalitarian system are in full swing.

Don’t be fooled by the apparent open spaces of access and avenues for free speech. While they certainly do exist, they exist essentially for a minor few and, even still, the gears of a system intent on occupying your personal space, and intruding into your life, grind on.

Take the extended reach of closed-circuit television cameras, now on every street corner and often in multiple sets. Attached to relatively draconian punishments which include fines of varying degrees and severity, these technological attachments to our lives are one way we daily surrender individual and collective liberties.

For instance, take traffic speeding cameras. While no doubt they can be a public good, yet the ability for social governance to extract pecuniary interest from a hapless motorist for contravening a speeding limit by some 10% margin, atop with the cumulative points system which threatens to strip the same motorist of his livelihood, is tyrannical and austere.

Consider, further, that a street-smart hooligan, knowing the whereabouts of the speeding cameras, who ducks and weaves and yet, ultimately, speeds more than the generally convivial motorist yet escapes punishment.

And the system of fines and punishments is extensive, permeating all aspects of our lives — from driving, to refuse, to taxation, to utility bills, to public amenities, etc. etc.

Ultimately, the people in governance have been placed in that position to look after the interests of those of the population they represent but somehow, somewhere along the line, these governmental bureaus have taken on a life of their own and their apparatchiks paradoxically march to the beat of their own drum (having lost site of the public good) rather than work for the people who elected them. Because there is no one who is good. None.

We live in a self-aggrandising, obnoxious, self-loving, society of selfish people — both in circles of power and without. We live, moreover, in a society where people want only to tickle ears and to have their ears tickled. We live, whats-more, in a society where trust is eroded, a society where you are guilty until proven innocent, one that shoots first and asks questions later.

Besides, administrations preference those with size and weight and disregard the little people and mums and dads of this world. The system is geared to kowtow to the heavies while the least slip through the wide cracks in the system or get forgotten or, worse still, are like they never existed at all.

There needs to be a grassroots, organically-inspired condemnation of largess and public administrations of all persuasions which cater to the biggest and loudest in society at the expense of the silent majority.

The fabric of society is built upon the little people and the countless families and makeshift families, not big business, franchises, oligopolies, and puritan wheelers-and-dealers.

Megalithic shopping centres, leviathan complexes, shiny tidbits come and go but its people, simple and sure, that keep the wheels in motion turning and hand-on the baton to generations more. It’s time the system was redesigned through organic conceptions (devoid of hierarchies of power and stripped of transhumanist agendas) and not the top-down misconceptions of what we might call the mis-institutions.

But that would require people to stop swallowing the cultural junk that they are daily fed and blindly consume with insatiable lust.

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