Re-orientiation, 14 August

Telling it right

We need an urgent global reorient regarding just where we are at, rightly dividing the word of truth. To stop calling wrong, right. That means we need good guide-posts, both in secular as well as sacred circles. We need appropriate social cues. Regardless of our partisan stripes, such guides and cues come from others, howbeit different people at different times, who present appropriately sober reflections at just the right time.

From what position do people try to undermine the legitimacy of President Trump? It is both inappropriate and unfair to attempt to portray his rule as illegitimate. What other President, let alone what other person, would have stood the barrage of criticism and utter disrespect that President Trump endures? Perhaps it is his karma to be treated like that, I know not. What I do know is that people ought to show greater respect for the office he holds. If you cannot respect the office he holds then you no longer respect the nation in which you have made your home.

It’s pretty simple: Trump deniers are going to wake up at some point and realise that they are on the wrong side of history. (And if there is any time in history that you DO want to be on the right side, now, at the End of Days, is that time. You simply cannot afford to be on the wrong side here.) For in times of dire straits, under immense and unsurpassed pressure, he hangs on to a vestige of his humanity even as he is part-way in beginning to lose it. He’s real. Real. And in a fickle, fickle charlatan world, real is where it’s at.

President Trump is far from the model human. But he is human. He is less than erudite in so many ways. But he says what he means. He is at once blunt and yet full of nuance at the same time. What is clear to me is that he, himself, in his own fat-fingered way perhaps, yet still, respects the office he holds. He respects it greatly.

Perhaps the average American might respect it half as much. But for that I blame his [the President’s] innominate predecessor.

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