Leviathan and the Levantine

A concern remains about Israel making any compacts, like the recent pact with the Emiratis. Is it wholly impractical and overtly spiritual to expect Israel to go it alone, remain completely self-sufficient, and look only to her covenant with God? Or does Israel rightly have to make earthly moves in parallel to moving also in the spiritual realm? Regardless, this video identifies relevant prevailing Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) of the region, and their political implications, in the Levant.

The exclusive economic zone is an area beyond and adjacent to the territorial sea, subject to the specific legal regime established in this Part, under which the rights and jurisdiction of the coastal State and the rights and freedoms of other States are governed by the relevant provisions of this Convention.

Part V: Exclusive Economic Zone (Preamble to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea)

The January 2009 discovery of the Tamar prospect gives Israel a high purity gas field—four times the energy value per well-head than that of Saudi oil fields (and gas is a cleaner energy than oil)—the size of a probable 275 billion cubic meters (9.7 trillion cubic feet, or TCF) of natural gas reserves or about half of the entire EUs national consumption. In 2011 and just to Tamar’s west, a mammoth gas field estimated to contain the equivalent of the entire European Union consumes in a year, and named Leviathan, is discovered with many smaller finds also in the vicinity and within Israel’s EEZ.[2] Notably, large reserves have also been found within Cyprus’s EEZ and, moreover, an Eastern Mediterranean pipeline from the Israeli gas fields into Europe has been proposed. 

Economic Exclusion Zones in the Levant [Image: Daily Sabah]

A proposed Eastern Mediterranean pipeline would pump gas from Leviathan and Cypriot fields to southern Europe, bypassing Turkey, through Greece.

EastMed pipeline [Image: Aljazeera]

References / Reading

  1. The Geopolitics of Israel’s Offshore Gas Reserves, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
  2. Chevron can lift Israel’s Leviathan gas field on to global stage, partner says, August 07, 2020


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