Faith, Desire, Intentionality

Your daily bread – kavanah”

Press in unto the Lord. He in you; and you, Him.

He is the vine. The Tree of Life. Get rooted in. Don’t mess about. And be irrigated by rivers of living water. Take hold. Grow. Then flourish. In both temperance and zeal. Through a disciplined, purposeful, persevering intent toward the Lord and His Spirit.

The world is dark, trying to extinguish your light. Press into the Lord and press out against the world.

What’s the worst that can happen? You stumble? (There’s a prayer against that.) Even still, it will happen only seven times. Hold on true and the kingdom is yours.

Yield to the Lord. Resist the world.

Two opposing dispositions that you master when you listen for (and heed) the soft sound of the Spirit. You may hear the Lord himself speak to you. But the Spirit works in silence. Yet the more you block the world out, the more you “hear” and feel the Spirit’s Holy presence.

King Yeshua can be tough, necessarily ruling with a rod of iron. Fathers often discipline their children so. We call it tough love. The Holy Spirit is always kind, nurturing, a soothing comforter, and more often works in complete silence.

Press into the Lord.

Tune into the silence.

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