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Do All Roads Lead to the Middle-East?

Take what experts say with a grain of salt because, though their expertise remains indelible, they necessarily tend to an overly narrow focus. But if you listen to enough experts in enough disciplines, you put together a picture of what’s really going on. This… Continue Reading “Do All Roads Lead to the Middle-East?”

Sitrap Sojourn

In the world but not of it. Licence to act out, to rebel, the very seeds of disobedience, were sown by President Trump’s predecessor. Following that unlawful precedent, President Trump, in bringing back law and order, is now portrayed as the problem. The Book… Continue Reading “Sitrap Sojourn”

End of an Age: Civilisation Collapse

Thus, my main thesis is that there must have been a ‘perfect storm’ of calamitous events at that turning point in order to cause the Late Bronze Age civilizations to collapse shortly after 1200 BCE. There is both direct and circumstantial evidence that there… Continue Reading “End of an Age: Civilisation Collapse”

Geostrategically Speaking: Israel

End-Time Power-Play about Israel’s North, South, and East

Rosh Codesh (New Moon)

According to the Rood Report: The renewed moon WAS NOT seen in Israel today! Therefore, by default, the start of the 1st biblical month (The Month of the Aviv, or “Nisan”) will begin at sunset tomorrow, Sunday, April 7. You can download this biblical month’s calendar page for free… Continue Reading “Rosh Codesh (New Moon)”

High in cholesterol, high also in carbon: Cheese, counting the cost

If God promises never again to flood the world to oblivion, the promise for water does not also hold for fire. The Revelation of Jesus Christ suggests that the world will go out in a blaze. 2 Peter 3:10-12 renders clear the elemental concerns… Continue Reading “High in cholesterol, high also in carbon: Cheese, counting the cost”

What the Media Isn’t Telling You About the Latest Hamas Attacks

Source: What the Media Isn’t Telling You About the Latest Hamas Attacks by Daniel Greenfield – FrontPage Mag, July 15, 2018 Featured Image Cartoon of Iranian puppetmaster [Wikimedia Commons]

It’s the Apocalypse … but be of Good Cheer

Multipolar or Bust: The Emerging World and “the Burden of America”

Right or wrong, for good or bad, the United States is losing it’s status as pre-eminent global power-projector. One-part internal rot and one part failed excursions afforded the rise of a series of emergent forces, state and non-state alike. Pax Americana fading, the stunted… Continue Reading “Multipolar or Bust: The Emerging World and “the Burden of America””