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Practice Listening to and Heeding the Spirit, and Prepare to Receive Much … And Yes, Along with Persecution

“Truly I tell you,” Jesus replied, “no one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for me and the gospel will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age: homes, brothers,… Continue Reading “Practice Listening to and Heeding the Spirit, and Prepare to Receive Much … And Yes, Along with Persecution”

The Horseman on the Black

Many economists and financiers are speaking in terms of the worst or the greatest since the 1930s—yes, the Great depression. Public debt is now at greater levels of GDP than in man’s history ever, and with substantial private debt too, we are facing a… Continue Reading “The Horseman on the Black”

Neo-Ottoman Aspirations

When Pelt Bears a Resemblance to Fleece: A Strong Delusion

Much of the world is awaking, emerging from spiritual slumber and, with help from the Spirit, extricating itself from worldly quagmire. While I avoid more sensationalist views (and productions), preferring to seek and hear from the humble and the lowly, the times call for… Continue Reading “When Pelt Bears a Resemblance to Fleece: A Strong Delusion”

Let No One Deceive You: Yet To Be Revealed is The Man of Sin, But The Falling Away IS Here

With Israel quickly and firmly re-establishing itself in the Middle East, a nation born in a day, few people, secular or sacred, remain willing to bet against now as the End of Days. There remain a few foolhardy souls, but increasingly everyone is coming… Continue Reading “Let No One Deceive You: Yet To Be Revealed is The Man of Sin, But The Falling Away IS Here”

Eternal Life: The Old City and Its Eastern Gate

Israel’s territory immediately west of the Jordan river, known as the West Bank, a part of the Ottoman Empire for 400 years (1517-1917), includes the significant historical and cultural centers of East Jerusalem, in which is situated the Old City, but also parts of… Continue Reading “Eternal Life: The Old City and Its Eastern Gate”

Last Hours, Not Last days

Note that Jan Markell says, “We are in the last hours.” This adds credence to my suspicion that the world will end before 2021 does. Will an emboldened Israel take full control of the Temple Mount—currently co-administered by Muslims through the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf… Continue Reading “Last Hours, Not Last days”

Leviathan and the Levantine

A concern remains about Israel making any compacts, like the recent pact with the Emiratis. Is it wholly impractical and overtly spiritual to expect Israel to go it alone, remain completely self-sufficient, and look only to her covenant with God? Or does Israel rightly… Continue Reading “Leviathan and the Levantine”

Do All Roads Lead to the Middle-East?

Take what experts say with a grain of salt because, though their expertise remains indelible, they necessarily tend to an overly narrow focus. But if you listen to enough experts in enough disciplines, you put together a picture of what’s really going on. This… Continue Reading “Do All Roads Lead to the Middle-East?”

Sitrap Sojourn

In the world but not of it. Licence to act out, to rebel, the very seeds of disobedience, were sown by President Trump’s predecessor. Following that unlawful precedent, President Trump, in bringing back law and order, is now portrayed as the problem. The Book… Continue Reading “Sitrap Sojourn”