Category: Two Witnesses

Eternal Life: The Old City and Its Eastern Gate

Israel’s territory immediately west of the Jordan river, known as the West Bank, a part of the Ottoman Empire for 400 years (1517-1917), includes the significant historical and cultural centers of East Jerusalem, in which is situated the Old City, but also parts of… Continue Reading “Eternal Life: The Old City and Its Eastern Gate”

Last Hours, Not Last days

Note that Jan Markell says, “We are in the last hours.” This adds credence to my suspicion that the world will end before 2021 does. Will an emboldened Israel take full control of the Temple Mount—currently co-administered by Muslims through the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf… Continue Reading “Last Hours, Not Last days”

New Heaven and New Earth

By all accounts, both secular and sacred, mankind is moving into a new age of consciousness — a new way of understanding and relating to the world around him. The nature of an enchanted globe, the inherent symbolism in natural signs and their pointing… Continue Reading “New Heaven and New Earth”

Rosh Codesh (New Moon)

According to the Rood Report: The renewed moon WAS NOT seen in Israel today! Therefore, by default, the start of the 1st biblical month (The Month of the Aviv, or “Nisan”) will begin at sunset tomorrow, Sunday, April 7. You can download this biblical month’s calendar page for free… Continue Reading “Rosh Codesh (New Moon)”