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Faith, Desire, Intentionality

Your daily bread – “kavanah” Press in unto the Lord. He in you; and you, Him. He is the vine. The Tree of Life. Get rooted in. Don’t mess about. And be irrigated by rivers of living water. Take hold. Grow. Then flourish. In… Continue Reading “Faith, Desire, Intentionality”

Children of the Day

A fiery trial is a test from the Lord. It has some basic aims: to awaken you to your true state to try (test) your faith to purify you and get you to a higher state Endure the trial. The result of refining gold,… Continue Reading “Children of the Day”

Save Our Souls

What Must I Do to Be Saved? From John F. Walvoord If God has provided a wonderful salvation through Christ as revealed in the Bible, how can anyone be sure that he has received Christ and is the beneficiary of this marvelous grace of… Continue Reading “Save Our Souls”